Creative Writing Example- Cinderella Story

1st act
(After mother death, Cinderella’s father did his second marriage. She has two daughters.)
Father: – My dear little daughter. Now this’s your mother and these are your sister’s. Go ……. Get know them.
(While smiling)
Cinderella: – Okay father…
(She was happily went near her sisters and said, let’s share my room all of us. She took them off the stage showing them love)
Father: – (While looking his new wife)
I do hope that you will love and take care of my daughter like your own daughter. I grew up her like a flower. So, please take care of her after I leave. You understand?
(She was smiling like make – believing)
Step Mother: – O key, Now I have not two but two children…I’ll take care of them, you.
(To herself)
Well lest see that after you leave, because I’m the one who ruling the house.
Father:-Well, then I’m believing in you.
My dear Cinderella……….
(Cinderella entering to the stage with her two sisters from left side.)
Cinderella: – Yes…..Father…..
Father: – My dear I’m leaving now. It’ll take even a One month to come back home. Be good with your step mother and sisters till I come. Okay…..
Cinderella: – (With a pompous smile)
Okay father…
Take care of yourself and come back soon.
(After short silent of stage)
Step Mother:- ( come nearby Cinderella and put her arm around her)
Oh….dear why are you crying……..? Don’t cry… we are here for you. He’ll be back soon.
(Cinderella smiled bit)
Father: – (come nearby Cinderella and touched her head)
Then, I’m leaving. Please take care…
(After short silent, he’s leaving stage from right side)
(Two sisters were sitting on a bench, on stage)
Elder sister: – Hey…. Cinderella enough of crying…. Now come here… Do and set aside our things properly. You understand?
Younger sister: – Yes, after that bring us tea….
(Even that Cinderella was silent at the right Conner on the stage)
Elder sister: – (Got up from the bench and come near Cinderella and Pulled from her shoulder)
Can’t you hear…..? Go…… do what I said.
(She was trying to leave the stage with sadness)
Step mother: – (To Cinderella) Hold it…… Can’t you hear Cinderella…….
(Came near her and…..)
We are not hear to pet you… Keep it in your mind. Do what we are telling and don’t let us remind you twice…. Understand?
Cinderella:- ( Slowly waved her head)
Step Mother:- Okay….. Now go bring tea for us. Go…..
(Cinderella leaving the stage silently)
Step Mother:- ( Turn to her daughters and….. ) We should not pet this lass.
Elder Sister:- Yes Yes… She thinks she’s a princess….
Younger Sister:- Tell us mother…. Aren’t we pretty than her..?
Step Mother:- Why not…. You two my daughters are the pretty ones.
(After short silent)
Cinderella…. Where are the tea? What are the tea? What are you doing out there….. Still trying to pet by us?
(Cinderella enters the stage with the tea)
Step Mother:- Where have you been lass? What take this long to prepare tea? Now hurry up…
(Cinderella slowly preparing tea…. And a voice raised from back stage from back stage)
A invitation from royal prince for all the young women for Royal ball ceremony. Today evening at the royal palace, all the young women are welcome by the Prince…
Step mother:- Hear that?
Younger sister:- yes yes mother….. Can we both also can go….. Isn’t it..?
Step Mother:- Yes why not… You both also prettiest ones….
Let’s go….
Prepared each of yours best cloths.. Go… prepare for the Evening…..
(Two daughter’s happily run away from stage)
Cinderella:- I also like to be there… Can I go also go the Evening….?
Step Mother:- What….? What for you are going…? Hm….Do you thinking that you’re pretty to be there..? See..You look like servant… oh… and you are one of.. at this place.
Cinderella:- Please mother let me go…
Step Mother:- No…. You’re not going anywhere…
(She pulled Cinderella showing her ill hummer and left the stage)
(Cinderella alone at the stage and crying…. dropped down to the stage…..end of the first act)
2nd act
(Background of a room. One side there is a dressing table and two sisters in front of it. They are preparing for the ceremony. Their mother helping them. Cinderella was looking at them sadly)
Elder sister:- Mother how is my hair… Do you think it enough that I put flowers on my hair…?
Step mother:- No It’s enough.. here.. Put same more powder to your face.
Younger sister:- (loudly) Mother…. there is a one broken thread come out from my frock….please take it off.
Step mom:- Cinderella……what are you doing..?? Don’t you have any other work except staring at us…. come here and help this child.
(Cinderella was silent for a while and come near here younger sister and cut the thread.)
Elder sis:- Cinderella….. Where are my slippers…. Where….?
(She was silent)
Where….? Where you kept it…? Go…. find it… I think it’s in cuberd.
(There is coberd corner of the stage, she went there and took those shoes and gave it to his sister.)
Elder sis:-  ohh……. It is dirty…. can’t you see……clean it properly….
(She is silently doing the work.)
Younger sis:- Tell me….how do I look…Am I pretty?
Step mom:- Yes…You both are pretty my dear daughters…….
Younger sis:- (while looking at the mirror)
Mother…. Do you think that prince will like us?
Elder sis:- (With angry face)
No…. prince will like me…isn’t it mother… Myself pretty than her….Isn’t it mother…
Younger sis:- (Giving a hit to her sister’s solder)
No…. I think I am….
Step mom:- O kay… enough enough…. Both of you look pretty… Prince will like both of you.
(Three of them are fashion their selves. In a dark corner of stage, Cinderella was watching them.)
Step mom:- Hurry girls…. Time to go…
Elder sis:- Wait Wait …
Younger sis: – Oh lord… Wait..
Step mom: – see… coach came… come hurry up let’s go…
(She led her daughters to the coach. They are leaving the stage. Cinderella was sad and looking around)
Cinderella: – (It’s seems she’s sad)
Oh… I wish that I can be there….
(Cinderella is crying. Suddenly the fairy godmother appears to the stage with smoke…)
Godmother: – Oh my dear…why look very sad..
Cinderella: – who are you?
Godmother: – (came nearby Cinderella)
I came here to help you…Tell me….. Why you look sad?
Cinderella: – There is a Royal Ball at the royal palace..All the young ladies are going.. (She is thinking)
God mother: – So…
Cinderella: – So.. My sisters and step mother went there..But they did not allow me to come..
Cinderella: – Step mother
Godmother: – But why..?
Cinderella: – (sadly)
She’s telling that I’m ugly…. And look like servant.
Godmother: – (touched Cinderella’s head….)
Oh poor… I know you are diligent. No… You’re the prettiest among them. They just jealous of you. Now. You don’t worry…I’ll send you to the ceremony…
Cinderella: – (Surprisely) What….? How…?
Godmother: – Can you bring one pumpkin from your garden..?
Cinderella: – A pumpkin….? Why….?
Godmother: – Bring quickly will you….
(Cinderella left the stage form right side and come back with the pumpkin.)
Godmother: – Ok…keep it from outside.
Cinderella: – why is that?
Godmother: – You do what I said dear…
(Cinderella took it away and kept outside. she left the stage from right side and came back to the stage.)
Cinderella: – Okay…But why did you ask me to do that….?
Godmother: – Just because….. (She was waving her magic staff)
Cinderella: – (With wondering face)
Oh…… my lord……
A coach……… wow………
It’s wonderful……. lots of horses……
Godmother: – That’s for take you to the palace…
Cinderella:-For me?
Godmother: – Yes for you….
Cinderella: – (Sadly)
But……. (looking at her dress)
Godmother: – Why….?
Cinderella: – My dress is not matching for this occasion…
Godmother: – Oh my… I almost forgot… wait…
(Again the fairy godmother waved her magic staff and places it into Cinderella’s hand)
Now let’s go to your room… come..
(Cinderella left the stage from left side and again returned back after few minutes… Now she’s well-dressed prettily)
Cinderella: – (in astonishment happy face) Oh lord, what do I see…?
A Beautiful dress and shoes for me… you are so kind to me… thank you.. Thank you very much.
It’s perfect for me… I’m so happy…
Godmother: – My pleasure dear… Now hurry up… get into the coach… they will take you to the Royal palace.
(While Cinderella running to the coach)
Godmother: – Oh… wait my dear…
Cinderella: – Why..? What is it?
Godmother: – When it’s 12 o’clock you must be at home, dear…
Cinderella: – But why …?
Godmother: – Otherwise your dress will disappear.
Cinderella: – (thought a little and) Okay… Now I got it..
It’s clear. I’m leaving… Thank you again for everything.
Godmother: – Okay my dear… enjoy the Evening…
(Cinderella ran away from the stage. Curtain drops. End of the second act)
3rd act
(At the King’s ball. The Queen and the King are opening the ball. The musicians are standing behind them with the musical instruments in their hands. When they play and sing the melody “Brother John” the guests will dance a polonaise.)
(Lots of young ladies including Cinderella’s two sisters. They are waiting to move steps to the music)
Prince: – Minister… did you invite all the young women of our region to the Ball…?
Minister: – Yes my Prince…
Prince: – Do you think all of them came to the Ball today?
Minister: – Yes my Prince… I do believe…
(From the other side of the stage)
Elder Sister: – Oh… see the crown Prince..
Younger Sister: – yes… wow he looks fabulous… isn’t it…?
Elder Sister: – hmmm…
(Prince walking around the stage and all the young ladies trying to take his attention)
1 Young Lady: – Oh… my dear prince… (Waved her hand to the prince)
2 young Lady: – My prince give me a chance to dance with you…
Elder Sister: – My prince I’m the prettiest among them please take me…
(Rendering the royal horns to start the Royal Ball)
Queen: – (solemnly) the ball is on… please dance and play!
(All the young ladies trying to approach the Prince)
3 young Lady: – Oh… my prince… Please take me take me…
4 young Lady: – Prince I’m the best one for you… please choose me..
5 young Lady: – My prince I’ll do whatever you are ordering me to do… please select me…
Royal Announcer: – Listen… Don’t rush the prince. Prince will select one of you to dance. And the selected one will be the Prince’s spouse. Now calm down…
6 young Lady: – please select me my prince…
(While that one young lady fainted down)
Elder sister: – My princes please, dance with me…
(Prince was laughing to himself)
Prince: – (secretly) Minister, where did you find these ladies…?
Minister: – Oh… hmm (speechless)
(Music and dancing… Suddenly Cinderella appears from a corner and the music stops.)
Queen: – Who is that girl…?
King: – Oh…. She looks Beautiful…
(Prince was bored finding a girl to dance and suddenly Cinderella caught his eyes)
Prince: – Minister… who is she?? She looks charming… so elegant…
Minister: – yes my price… Ask her to dance with you..
Cinderella: – (to herself) Oh.. It’s already begun…
(All the other young ladies are staring at Cinderella)
Minister: – Welcome to the Royal Ball… come join with us…
Cinderella: – Oh… Thank you very much… I thought I’m too late.
(All the other young ladies are trying to approach the prince, but prince walk near Cinderella)
Elder sister: – Where she came from…?
Younger sister: – (irritated) I don’t know… who is that?
1 young Lady: – It seems prince going to select her…
2 young Lady: – Oh no…
(Prince was looking at Cinderella… and she noticed that. She got blushed and turns her face to ground)
Prince: – Don’t be shy… your fair face became blushed… why…? Don’t you like to dance with me?
Cinderella: – No nothing like that…
Prince: – Then what is it…?
Cinderella: – (Turned her head to ground with shyly)
1 Young Lady: – (Irritated) She’s too much… she’s giggling with the prince..
2 Young Lady: – Yes… she’s trying to taming the prince…
Elder sister: – Why the prince going to dance with her… aren’t we also pretty…?
Younger sister: – true that…
Other Young ladies: – (all buzzing together) hmmm…
Prince: May I dance with you…? What you say…?
(Cinderella silently gave her hand to the prince)
Prince: – (with happy face) Let’s start…
(The prince and Cinderella started dancing polonaise to the music. They are moving their steps to the melody, romantically… Other Men, Women are also dancing to the music)
Prince: – (looking at Cinderella’s face) what is your name…?
Cinderella: – Cinderella.
Prince: – Hmm… it’s perfectly fits for such a pretty young woman like you… Where do you live…?
Cinderella: – (shyly) in the same city…
Prince: -why are you shy…? Don’t look away… (Prince moved her chin upwards)
Look at me…
(She was very much blushed and again looked away)
Elder sister: – She’s trying to own the prince…
1 Young Lady: – I think prince also fell into her witchy spell…
Elder sister: – Where did this witch came from…?
2 young Lady: – But she’s so pretty…
Elder sister: – I don’t think so…
3 young Lady: – You just jealous with her…
Elder sister: – (Irritated) No… She isn’t pretty… that’s her witchy looks…
(The prince and Cinderella dancing perfectly to the music, also the prince trying to get Cinderella’s eye contact, but she’s still blushing)
Prince: – You are a dream of my heart now…
(Music again, they dance. Suddenly the music stops again, they dance. Suddenly the clock strikes 12 times.)
Cinderella: It’s 12 o’clock and I have to run. Good-bye, I really had a great fun!
(Her dress will disappear… came to her mind… Swiftly left prince hand and started to run impatiently.)
Prince: – (Astonished face) Cinderella…. What happened…?
(She was like nowhere and ran away from the stage didn’t even answer the prince. While she was running dropped her one of shoes)
Prince: – (to himself) I cannot figure out… what happened to her… why she left me…
(Al the guests are buzzing about what happened)
Prince: – (falls on one knee) where have you run, the dream of my life…?
I want to dance with you all night…
(He picks up the lost shoe and looks at it. End of the Third act)
4th act
(Background of the King’s palace… Prince was sitting on a chair, Cinderella’s shoe in his hand. It seems he’s still thinks about her)
Minister: – Oh… Look at this… he looks very sad about that incident… May be of that pretty lady… (to himself) I should talk to him…
My dear prince you didn’t have your meals properly… What happened to you…? Why you look so sad…?
Prince: – (fetch a sigh) I want to find the owner of this shoe… Cinderella…
Oh… why she left me like that…
Minister: – Oh… My dear prince you fell in love with her…
Prince: – (in a low voice) yes…
Minister: – (to himself) hmmm… So I have to find her…
Prince: – Minister…
Minister: – Yes my dear price…
Prince: – We have to find her… Because she’s the one who stole my heart.
Minister: – But how.. My dear prince… There’re thousands of girls in our region… Not only that there will be many girls named Cinderella… Isn’t it my dear prince…
Prince: – But she’s the one… I need her… It won’t be that difficult. Let’s try…
Minister: – Hmmm.. (to himself) also won’t be easy…
Prince: – (suddenly something came to prince’s mind…) Minister… Take this shoe to each and every house and check who fits it perfectly… I think we can find her… take her to me…
Minister: – Hmmm… Okay my dear prince will try…
(Prince leaving the stage with lots of hopes and believability in his face… End of the Fourth act)
5th act
(Minister entering to the stage with his solders)
Minister: – This is impossible… How it can be possible… I think this prince is out of his mind… But I’ve to answer him… And he’s expecting a possible answer… we searched half of the city…
(Turned to his solders)
We’ve no any other option except searching more… Let’s go…
One of solders: – Minister didn’t search this part yet…
Minister: – Okay then let’s search that way…
(The minister and solders are leaving the stage from Right side. Step mother and two sister’s approaches to the stage…)
(The stepsisters and stepmother are talking. Cinderella is sitting aside, knitting something.)
Elder sister: – Mother it was a fantastic evening… everything was perfect…
Younger sister: – What use of that…
Step mother: – Why???How was the prince??? Heard that he’s the handsomest young man in the country…
Younger sister: – Yes he was… I couldn’t take my eye on him… he’s that dashing…
Elder sister: – I noticed that once he was looking at me…
Younger sister: – No way… He didn’t even notice you… He smiled at me…
Elder sister: – No he looked at me also…
(While the discussion Cinderella brought tea for them)
Step mom: – Oh.. Tea.. Keep it here and leave…
(Cinderella gave them tea and went to a corner of the stage and sat down on a bench and started thinking)
Step mother: – Tell me more… what happened there…?
Younger sister: – What use of telling mother…
Step mother: – why what happened?
Elder sister: – The prince was secretly looking at me… but, suddenly one girl came into the Ball and destroyed everything…
Younger sister: – His attention to me lost by that girl’s arrival… (Sadly) But she’s pretty…
Elder sister: – Not that pretty…
Younger sister: – No… she was the prettiest one among all of us… So prince liked her in first sight…
Step mother: – What…???
(It seems Cinderella is still thinking)
Elder sister: – Yes mother… Prince madly liked her…
Younger sister: – He didn’t even look at us after her arrival…
Step mother: – Then…?
Younger sister: – (sadly) He only danced with her…
Elder sister: – Yes… there were many good looking pretty ladies but he didn’t even pay attention to them…
(Cinderella was looking at them)
Elder sister: – Hey Cinderella… what you are looking at…??
Younger sister: – I think she’s spying us… listening to what we are talking…
Elder sister: – Hey… come here… tell us what were u doing…?
(Cinderella was silent and turned her head to ground)
Cinderella: – Nothing…
Step mother: – Listen.. Listen… someone is calling from outside…
Elder and Younger sisters together: – Heralds from the Kings Palace… Oh… and Father…
Stepmother: – But where are these heralds going..?
(Heralds, the minister with his two solders enter the room accompanied by Cinderella’s father.)
Minister: – Please, try on this glass shoe.
(Looking through the long list) We know you were at the ball.
Elder sister: – (trying the shoe on) oh… It’s too small. This isn’t mine…
Younger sister: – It’s small for me, too. What is the purpose of doing this…?
Father: – But look at my first daughter… She has small feet…
Her name is Cinderella… May be she’ll fit this..
O’…Cinderella… Come here, my dear please take it and try it out… will see whether it fits you or not..
(Gives her the shoe… Cinderella was little scared and surprised)
Father: – Don’t worry dear…just try it out…
Step mother: – But she didn’t go to the ball. She is Cinderella and that is all… I don’t think that it’ll fit Cinderella…
Minister: – Let’s see after she put it…
Cinderella: – I want to try it on, Mother…. Besides, I’ve got another one of these…
(And suddenly she takes the other shoe out of the pocket in her apron)
Elder sister: – You were that wonderful pretty lady, I see… now only I got the picture…
Oh…, Cinderella, pardon me.
Younger sister: – And me…
Step mother: – And me…
Father: – I knew it… I knew it that one day you will be shine among all of them… Oh… Cinderella… Best wishes to you, my dear daughter.
Cinderella: – Oh… Father… I love you…
Father: – My dear you made your mother proud… Even may be I wasn’t a perfect father for you… Pardon me, too. I love you the most…
(Her father was crying and shading his tears)
Father: – But what could I do?
Cinderella: – No don’t say like that, father… you were the only kindness to me… don’t worry…
I am so happy today. Don’t cry father please…
Minister: – Prince is desperately waiting for you dear… you’ve to come with us now…
Cinderella: – I forgive all of you. I didn’t mind anything. Good-bye father… Good-bye all.. I’ve to go now!
Minister: – Be quick, let’s go… He’s dying to see you.
(All wave her good-bye. Cinderella leaves the room after the Minister and his two solders, also waving her hand.)
The end.

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