Posted: February 11th, 2023


500-650 Words ; at least Credible two sourcesAt the veteran’s center you are assigned to counsel an adult client who has been diagnosed with PTSD. He is a 34-year-old veteran who is starting to have flashbacks and is afraid of being identified as mentally ill. He also has problems with his abusive father and has issues with authority.Bring this case to the next staff meeting to discuss with the team. Explaining your initial counseling plan, initial concerns, and back-up plans for this patient, including 1-3 sentence responses to all of the following:a description of at least 1 type of therapy you could use to assist this client effectivelyan explanation of how you would utilize the chosen therapya description of at least 2 benefits and 1 drawback it provideshow you might convince him to try therapyhow you plan to build a therapeutic alliance with this client Are there potential transference issues? If yes, explain what it might be and whyWhat you can do to guard yourself against potential projective identification? If yes explain what it might be and whyIf so, give one way you might handle thisDo you feel that you may have potential counter-transference issues with this client? If so, name one and how you might handle this if it comes into play.

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