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Collaboration as a Target Point

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Negotiators are generally intelligent persons, for they identify a specific point to conclude their negotiations on particular issues. Every negotiator would always have a target point where his/her discussions are centered. Thus, they will always emphasize it at the negotiation to ensure it’s success. Being an international student in another country while living far from the family may be a challenge in affecting student’s performance. For example, studying in the USA while the homeland is Saudi may pose a challenge to the student due to intercultural interaction. The interaction involved between an international student and domestic students seems to be low when based on the social interaction patterns. Being a student in that situation, the target point that is changing my life is being collaborative.

Collaborative as a target point comprehends togetherness in every activity since it is the way to improve performance. As a student in a foreign country, there is a need to interact with other students to ensure quality contact in the learning environment. Therefore, collaborating with other domestic students is the only ways that will help the student have an easy time in the classroom situation. Through collaboration, one can back up their confidence and also gain self-esteem. Confidence and self-esteem are essential characters attributed to collaboration.

Moreover, collaboration has been an improvement point in that; I can effectively communicate with my family. Thus, I am always updated on everything about the family; hence I will have quiet time as a student. Therefore, collaboration as a target point is of personal development where I learned to ensure togetherness in everything. Additionally, working together as students is critical in improving social skills as individually since collaboration is not only based on academics but also in other social interactions.The interaction is essential to enable in understanding individuals’ strengths and weaknesses while in groups. Therefore, collaboration is one critical target point that has profoundly changed my life and shaped it to become a better person.



Overcoming Culture Shock

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Overcoming Culture Shock

The biggest challenge I faced when I came to the US form Saudi Arabia was culture shock. From gender roles to norms of interaction, everything was different and new to me. I was surprised to find that here, women and men intermingle freely while in Saudi Arabia, women and men are mostly separate in all aspects of life. I was missing my friends and family back at home. I responded to this adjustment argument by sticking to students of Arab origins especially those from Saudi Arabia. This may have been informed by the rather collectivist culture of Saudi Arabia where family and friendship is paramount.

I also found it hard to interact informally with professors. Back at home, student-professor relationships are strictly formal while here the relationship is somehow informal. For example, professors prefer to be called by just their names without their titles unlike in Saudi Arabia where leaving out the title, ‘Prof’ is an offense. I responded to this adjustment argument by sticking to students of Arab origins especially those from Saudi Arabia. This may have been informed by the rather collectivist culture of Saudi Arabia where family and friendship is paramount.

To overcome these challenges, I started cultivating a global identity where I developed a relativist approach to culture. Initially, I tended to think that my culture was the best until I started interacting with students of different cultures. Doing assignments in groups such as Power Point presentations, group papers and poster sessions exposed me to the beauty of cultural diversity. I started appreciating other people’s ways of life, view points and practices. Since modern workplace is increasingly becoming diverse, I realized I had no option but to appreciate and respect other cultures. As a result, I can understand other people better and relate well with them without unnecessary conflicts.

Running head: BRAND SKIN CARE 1


Brand Skin Care

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Brand Skin Care is a product that targets teens who may need skin care products that would assist them in reducing acne. Some of the features of the product are that it is incredibly easy to use, long-lasting, resistant to water, and can stand up to humidity despite how active the lifestyle of the user is. So the clients can relax and enjoy their lifestyles, knowing that Brand Skin Care will not let them down. The Brand Skin Care will help the teens in cleansing their skin, protecting their skin from the sun, and reducing uneven skin tones (Farris, 2018). Brand Skin Care will help in supporting the skin integrity of the users, relieve the conditions of the skin, and enhance the user`s skin appearance. Some of the things that the consumers get from using the product are the natural appearances for the youths and youthful appearances for the aged individuals.

Since the appearance of the skin can give away what is going on in our minds and hearts, it is therefore important to consider the emotional payoffs the Brand Skin Care product will have towards the users. Since the product has the capability of clearing up the skin, it can then bring out the energy that the body of the user was storing and feel less stressed. Consumer insights suggest that there is a positive relationship between the consumers and the Brand Skin Care product since they consider building up their self-esteem and enhancing their social interactions. The main purpose of the advertisement is to increase the sales to customers and an appeal to the specific audience by use of simple strategies that will draw the attention of the consumers to the product, eventually resulting in the success of the advertisement (Liu & Ling, 2019). A powerful language must be used when reinforcing the credibility of the product and its mission.


Farris, P. K. (2018). Topical Skin Care Cosmetic Patient. Master Techniques in Facial Rejuvenation E-Book, 68.

Liu, Z., & Ling, J. (2019). Research on Influencing Factors of Purchase Promotion Intention Based on the Skincare Industry. Modern Economy, 10(3), 1033-1047.

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