Posted: January 24th, 2023

Cloud computing Technology and Security


Topic: Cloud computing  Technology and Security

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Cloud computing Technology and Security
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1. Develop an Introduction (250 words)

2. Explain why you selected this topic and include a theological statement. (300 Words)

3. What are the key issues about the topic you

selected? (300 Words)

4. Compare and contrast your topic as it relates to Internet and network security. (300 Words) 

5. What hacking attacks can be applied to your topic? (300 Words)

6. What are the countermeasures which can be applied to prevent these attacks? (300 Words) 

7. What is the future of this topic in regards to technology? (300 words)

8.  What are future issues to be concerned about your topic? (300 Words)

9. Finalize your paper, Conclusion for the paper (300 words)


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