Posted: October 27th, 2022

Classroom Management Plan

 Adapted Classroom Management Plan

  • Create a fictitious school for your project
  • Find a quote that will set the tone for your classroom (10pts)
  • Determine your philosophy/Mission/Vision: (50 pts)

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    Begin with the teacher’s philosophy of motivation.

    Consider: What is your Mission and Vision?

    Vision = What outcomes are you looking to achieve with your students?

    Mission = What will you do every day to make sure that vision is achieved?

    Consider preventative methods of classroom management. Classroom management is not just about punishing students who behave poorly. It is also about practicing preventative measures that help you get control of a classroom before someone misbehaves.

    1. DESCRIBE HOW YOU WILL….( 50pts)
    2. Set the tone on the first day of class. Share the rules and consequences so they know up front how you expect them to behave.
    3. Write a letter welcoming students at the start of a new year
    4. Write a letter welcoming parents at the start of a new year

    Include the following information:

    1. An overview of the year
    2. Your planning period
    3. Your contact information
    4. The school’s contact information
    5. The school’s website address
    6. Invite them to attend Open House
    7. Include an Agenda for open House
    8. How will you create a positive classroom environment? Encourage students to participate and acknowledge their contributions.
    9. How will you utilize a variety of teaching methods? Create a mixture of lecture, small groups, activities, games, and multimedia.
    10. Define and explain 3-5 classroom rules. List these in your plan. (20 pts)

    o Focus on some themes or big ideas. For example, respect and integrity are common values in classroom settings.

    o Get specific. Big themes are helpful, but only if they are translated into specific behaviors. For example, respect can be demonstrated through showing up on time, not interrupting others, keeping cell phones and other electronic devices put away, and paying attention.

    1. Incorporate school policies and procedures that are aligned to positive behavior to create your own policies, procedures and rules that will create a positive classroom environment for your students. (25 pts.)
    2. Explain consequences for breaking those rules.(20 pts.) Communicate consequences up front so students know what to expect when they behave inappropriately. These can be explained the first day of class, for example, put on a poster in the classroom, or included in the course syllabus. Be as specific as possible.
    3. Write a contract explaining your rules, consequences, rewards, procedures and expectations to the students and the parents.(25 pts.)

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