Posted: February 11th, 2023

Chinese company related to the article

Find an example of Chinese successful comany which relate to one of the principles of the article. Surf the web and identify an example from your country of origin (state in case you are from the China) that fits a core concept of the article. please don’t use the example which appear in the article.  Don’t explain too much about the article, please focus more on interpret the example is, and how this example related to the article (specific to the exact opinion). Don’t use too much sources for this paper. 1pages, single space by US east time Apr,7 10pm. Don’t use the example appear in the case. Article link: Why Good Companies Go Bad? Don Sull.  Harvard Business Review. Jul-Aug 1999.Focus on the picture of the dynamic of failure in the article. (write a chinese company around the 4 points)

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Chinese company related to the article
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