Posted: February 11th, 2023

chemistry homework about Magnetic nanoparticles

Questions you should answer, if they apply:1. What is the structure/composition of the material?2. What is a typical molecular weight/molar mass of this material? For polymers, this is really important to put into perspective!3. Is the molecular structure polar/nonpolar? Is the inherent bonding ionic/covalent/metallic? How do the type of intra- and intermolecular forces involved affect its structure and properties (for example, solubility, melting point, reactivity…)?4. How is this material synthesized? Large scale or small scale? Are there any important considerations in its efficient synthesis?5. What phases are present at room temperature? At elevated temperatures? At cold temperatures? How does this affect its properties?6. What interactions with the environment are important for this material’s function? Its safety?

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chemistry homework about Magnetic nanoparticles
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