Chemistry 121


CHEM 121 Postulates Analysis Report

Learning Objectives

Measure pH levels at irrelative concentrations of clevers and viles

Compare the issue of debilitys/concentration on cogent and pliant clevers and viles

Plot the vary in pH at irrelative concentrations for the clever and for the vile on length graphs (not on bar graphs)

Plot cogent and pliant clever postulates on the identical graph

Plot cogent and pliant vile postulates on the identical graph

Using the graphed outcomes, Interpret the issue of debility on pH for clevers and viles


Plan to set separately 8-12 hours to adequate this essential-quality. It involves orientation to the chemistry mannerism, ordinary the mannerism, convokeing screenshots of every outcome, plotting the postulates that you convoke, and correspondent a set of questions about the postulates.

*Go to the Acid-Base Solution Mannerism at PhET Simulations. 

See the picture under for an overview of the functions in the Clever Vile Solutions mannerism.