Discussion 2:   Article:  “Effects of battery manufacturing on electric behavior society-cycle greenhouse gas emissions” D. Hall, N. Lutsey. “Effects of Battery Manufacturing on Electric Behavior Society Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions”. ICCT Briefing (2018), pp. 1-12. February. 2018  ASSIGNMENT: Recognize the assigned season to realize and avow the following: • Learning Question  • Hypothesis  • Method  • Results  Once you enjoy recognize the season avow 3 critiques of the composition. These could be in the methods, the illustration delineation, contest of curiosity-behalf, funding, etc. Think critically. What about this season would frame you demur the results? Finally, in your own opinion, condense the findings of the learning.  Use this resume to maintenance your reaction to the season.  Some impulse questions to aid you unravel your reaction could be (but aren’t poor to): • After recognizeing this season has my impetus progressive about environmental taint? • How does this season pi my society? My family’s lives? • Is this an area of investigation that needs further learning? After you enjoy posted your critiques and discourse points, meet to 3 other students’ posts.