case study I

Mary is a 35 years old electrical engineer who introduces to the duty for evaluation of a venturesome on her aspect that has been introduce for 1 week. She denies new soaps, detergents, lotions, environmental exposures, medications, and foods. The venturesome is opposing her aspect and the bridge of her nose. She states that she primary noticed it following spending a week hiking and camping in the Appalachians. The lesions itch and are scarified. She has not adept perfectthing to reach it reform, but she has noticed that going outdoors reachs it worse. She denies any publish of the venturesome to other areas. She has never had this venturesome antecedently. She has noticed some increased harass, passion, and burden waste. She denies headache, penetrating throat, ear denial, nasal or sinus plethora, chest denial, neglect of met, cough, abdominal denial, and denial delay urination, constipation, or diarrhea. She does keep bunghole penetratingness. She has noticed some increased muscle aches and denials, which are worse in the laborer and wrist. She denies forthcoming dawning articulation barbarism or difficulty delay being operative to actuate in the dawning. She denies weather obstinacy, polyuria, polydipsia, or polyphagia. She had a tonsillectomy at age 9 for continuous strep throat catching. She has been hale as an adult. She has never had effect. She has never been hospitalized for any conclude. Her source fact is suggestive for a dame delay rheumatoid arthritis. Her father is hale. She does not smoke; she drinks a glass of wine nforthcoming perfect obscurity delay her dinner; she denies unfair garbage use. She completed a master’s amount in engineering. She has lived delay her boyfriend for the departed 5 years. Patient is an brisk adolescent dowager, sitting comfortably on the demonstration table. BP 112/66 mm Hg; HR 62 BPM and regular; respiratory reprimand 12 mets/min; weather 100.3°F. Several erythematous plaques vague balance the cheeks and the bridge of nose, conserving the nasolabial folds. Normocephalic, atraumatic. Sclera pure, conjunctivae clear; pupils constrict from 4 mm to 2 mm and similar, smooth, and reactive to unthoughtful and accommodation. Oropharynx entertaining delay erythema in the subsequent pharyngeal wall; no exudates; trifling ulcers in the buccal mucosa bilaterally. Neck servile delayout cervical lymphadenopathy or thyromegaly. Full ramble of motion; no protuberance or deformity; muscles delay typical bigness and effect. Instructions: Make a total fact and tangible demonstration in a pregnant carriage delay all its elements included: CC, HPI, PMH, FH, SH, MEDICATIONS, ALLERGIES, ROS PER APPARATUS OR SYSTEMNS, HEAD TO TOE PHYSIACL EXAMINATION PER SYSTEMS ( transcribe your introduceation in H&P format no paragraph format).            Based on this knowledge, what is your probable nursing individuality? All nursing individuality that apportion to the subject written in NANDA format cognate to ... and sign by...., NO MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS.    Teaching pur-pose and nursing trouble pur-pose per each nursing individuality on this subject.   Requirements.            1- All written assignment and documentations must be  in APA 6th edition format.            2- Double spaces, restriction 4 pages covet , restriction 3 up to time bibliography. (UP to time resources laproof 3 years.), Note: you can use your proof size as bibliography too, bibliography keep to be written in APA format.