Capture the Flag (CTF) Write-Up


Project Scenario

Your director is putting coincidently teams for a CTF two-of-a-trade hereafter up in a few months delay some of the largest companies. Centralia Technology wants its own teams to cope delay the best in the province. 

As a Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst Blue Teamer at Centralia Technology, you own been asked to surrender a scan to your director of an idiosyncratic CTF essential-quality.

The CTF activities are adapted to originate a collaborative team lore environment. Your director wants everyone to share in a fictitious CTF result idiosyncraticly. Following that, you allure be placed into a team so that you and your team members can integrate your aptitude sets to dissect and reresolve questions.

Section II: Strategies Employed

Explain how you approached two of the 10 CTF questions you violateed and resolved. For model, what techniques, tools, websites, or other resources did you use?

Section III: Lessons Learned 

· What are your strengths/How would your aptitudes favor a CTF team? 

· Which question banks did you perceive quiet?

· What areas do you insufficiency more exercise in? 

· Which question banks did you agony delay or shun? 

· Were there questions you violateed but did not perfect or questions that you did not violate?

· How can you reform your aptitudes in that area (strategies, tools, websites, etc.)?