Posted: November 25th, 2022

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NO PLAGARISM!!!!! Answer the following questions. Please follow instructions.

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Test lnformation


lnstructions Assessment lnstructions

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The first formal conflict the Uniled States participated in as a sovereign
came during the presidency of:

O George Washington.
O JohnAdams.
() Thomas Jefferson.
O James Madison.

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The “Quasi-Waf’ refers to:

Q growing hostilities between the United States and France.

Q frontier battles between theAlgonquin tribe and the United States

C tfre politicalfight between Jefierson and Adams.

Q a secret plot by the British.

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QUESTION3 Spoints SaveAnswer

What battle inspired the writing of the words that would eventually become the
“Star-Spangled Banne/’?

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O fort Moultrie
o Forl lwLtlenrl
A (AatleE{an”

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QUESTION 4 5 poinG Save Answer
Which of the following was NOT a factor leading to the Louisiana Purchase?

Q Outbreak of Yellow Fdver along the MississippiRiver
Q Napoleon’s complete disinterest inAmerican territory
C Stave uprising in Haiti
O Potential for war on American soil

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This future president’s military abilities would lead to the successful defense of
the outskirts of New Orleans.

O James Monroe

Q ..lofrn QuincyAdams

Q AndrewJackson

C Martin Van Buren

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The following presidents are all considered part of the “Era of Good Feelings”

C Thomas Jefferson.
O James Madison.
C James Monroe.
() John QuincyAdams.

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The loss of support forAdams near the end of his presidential term was from all
nf thc fnllnwinn trXCFPT’

C tne outspoken nature of Alexander Hamilton.
clicfr dFE 6#d$JdP?frrff!&trSllirs dewgrigFmsffie At I A n sw e r s t o s d v e a I i a n s w e r s.

C tne perceived treatment of the comr;non man. I
b ilblish_d Lotac’err-s bq Jc’hn Ju’l’- l” ) Y- J


The Missouri Compromise was decided in:

o 1812.
o 1816.
C) 1820.

o 1824.

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Known as the “presidentress,” this First Lady is considered the first real
example of a Repubtican mother in the White House.

Q Martha \Alashington
Q AbigailAdams
Q Ootley Madison
O Elizabeth Monroe

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He was a member of the Federalist political party.

O George Washington
O JohnAdams
O Thomas Jefierson
O James Madison

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QUESTTON 11 50 poinb Save Answer

The conflicts and exploration of the early 19th century helped shape the phllosophies and morale of the nation.
Explain how events like the War of 1812 and exploration towards the West by the United States may have
impacted the sense of what it was to be’American” during this period.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

Arial \”/ 3 (12pt) \”/

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