Posted: January 24th, 2023


its college work should not be coded so complex

Create a class named SchoolYear.

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Include appropriate private data members.

Include a default constructor which sets the start date of school
to September 1, 2019.

Include a constructor which allows the user to set the start date
of school.

Include the additional functions in your class which are neces-

Write a main function that tests all of your functions.


Please upload the .cpp file and the results of running the




Create a class named Forest.  The class has two private data members.  One is 
named NumOfTrees which is an integer and TypeOfTrees which is a string.

The class has two constructors.  There is a default constructor and a constructor which
gives  values to the private data members.

The class also has a ShowData function which outputs the values of the private data


2.  Next you will write the definitions of the functions and constructors as follows:

The default constructor will assign NumOfTrees to 0 and TypeOfTree to Oak.

The other constructor will have two parameters, one to set the NumOfTrees and one to
set the TypeOfTree.

The ShowData function will output the values of the private data members.


3. Write a main function to test each of the functions.  Create at least 5 objects of the
Forest class. Use both the default constructor and the constructor with arguments. Use
the ShowData function to output the values of all of the objects which you created.

Upload the class, the definition and the main function to test the class in Visual Studio.

Make sure to show the results of running the program.



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