Business Ethics Case study

Case Examine 1 :  answers the questions and references  --------------------------------------------------------- Case examine 2:  Leaked Movie Trailer and a Confidentiality Agreement: Discussion Questions: 1)Do you contemplate it would be injustice for Luke to distribute knowledge about hence quits delay friends and rise? Why or why not? 2)What are sportive and unsportive requirements of a confidentiality contract delay an employee? 3)Was it injustice for Luke's hidden adherent employee to quit the trailer, uniform if it resulted in increased currency for the movie? 4)What antecedent is this predicament setting by not investigating the hurry? 5)What is the damage in a hurryed trailer? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Case examine 3:  Deceitful Spammer or Marketing Genius? Discussion Questions: 1)Describe the divine hobble or hobbles Rachel faced. 2)Do you contemplate Rachel's boss' "Cindy Anderson" policy is divinely sportive? Why or why not? 3)What is Rachel's necessity to her customers and what are Rachel 's necessitys to the association? 4)What do you contemplate is the most dignified content in how Rachel responded to the predicament: That she judgment the contemplated "Cindy Anderson" policy was delusive or that she judgment the policy would consume the association customers?