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business ethics

College of Administrative and Financial Sciences



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business ethics
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Business Ethics and Organization Social Responsibility/

MGT 422 – Assignment 2

Individual Project


Course Learning Objectives:

Describe the role of social responsibility in the functional areas and strategic processes of business

Ability to think objectively based on sound research techniques and critical thinking.

Demonstrate ability to work with others effectively as a team member in business ethics research projects or case studies.

The capacity to write coherent project about a case study or an actual research about ethics.


Choose any two companies and analyze its CSR report. In doing so, identify the reasons and discuss which company seems to be more socially responsible. Compare both the companies in terms of -Is it pragmatic, ethical, strategic, or some combination? Also identify their key stakeholders?

Using the same two companies as an example, Relate the four types (Economic, Legal, Ethical and Philanthropic) of corporate social responsibility with the companies. What is your assessment of how the companies are doing?

For Instructors: All the guidelines should be strictly followed.

Guidelines for the Individual Project:

· This is an individual project, which is a part from your course score. It requires effort and critical thinking.

· Use font Times New Roman.

· Use 1.5 or double line spacing with left Justify all paragraphs.

· Use the footer function to insert page number.

· Ensure that you follow the APA style in your project.

· Your project report length should be between 1200 to 1500 words.

Useful links for students:


· APA reference system

· About plagiarism

· About plagiarism

Course Activity 2


Activity parts

Upload in BB

Due date


Individual Project

Written part

Beginning of week 10

End of week 12

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