You are required to stir and condense ONE ordinary events name from newspaper and/or office publications. Your job is to perceive an name on a TOPIC ASSIGNED related to an owned office, interpret them carefully, and condense them, demonstrating your hardness to stir ordinary real-life office situations. The name must be from a ordinary offspring of the Newspaper, Wall Street Journal, Office Journal and/or Office Magazine. Explore the other office databases, such as Office Source Premier and Office Insights Global. The name must possess been published amid the familiar 90 days. You must yield a finished APA passage for each name you condense.  Articles from NEWSPAPER may not be over than 3 months old. Article solely pulled from Google inquiry get NOT be veritable.   Length—no over than two typed pages.  This constraint is adapted to hardness you to be neat or “to the point”: in your despatches. You must stir as courteous as condense the names you choice.  Make stable to enclose what inducement program/s are entity familiar in paltry to moderation magnitude companies to motivate and restrain their employees? Do you acquiesce or disacquiesce delay the program - WHY? Get the program toil? What are the pros and cons of the program?