Posted: January 20th, 2023

blog – please answer all question – original!

answer each question in a separate paragraph 

  1. After reading the article Think Twice About Being First to Market, evaluate emerging trends and/or products that were introduced to the market too soon. What would you have done differently? If a product is introduced to market and then fails, does this have an impact on another product being reintroduced? Illustrate examples by providing specific details as to how the reintroduction of another product can impact consumer perception and/or intent to buy. Here is a thought-starter: Would you purchase a Mercedes-Benz after the recall of all of the previous year’s same line of cars? Keep in mind that the new model is using the same engine as the previous year’s model.
  2. Research Apple Company – What is its mission, philosophy of business, philosophy of customer service, etc.? What are its size and its scope of merchandise? What is its corporate structure? Who does the organization own? Who owns it? What is the internal organization of the retail unit you are assessing?

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blog – please answer all question – original!
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