Posted: February 11th, 2023

Biology homework

This week’s activities pertain to the vital and versatile molecules known as enzymes.For this week’s discussion, I would like for you to try to find an example of benefit or harm to life that hinges on an enzyme.  For example, some diseases are the result of an underproduction or overproduction of a vital enzyme.  Also, some substances that are considered poisons or pollutants do their harm by interfering with the function of a vital enzyme.  Some medicines work by inhibiting certain enzymes.  In your personal post, identify the enzyme, the important role it plays, and how its action can be disrupted.  Post your personal response to this discussion by clicking on “start a new thread”.  In your personal response, summarize the development, how the scientific method was involved, and how you think the development is relevant to your life or to human life in general.  Your personal response is worth 60% of the grade for this item.  Then, read the personal responses of at least two of your classmates and post a response to each of them.  To respond to a classmate’s response, click on “reply to this thread”.  Please note that your comments on a classmate’s response to your personal response to the discussion do not count toward the required two comments on classmates’ postings.  To receive credit for commenting on classmates’ posts, your comments must be on the classmate’s personal response to the discussion topic.  Each of your comments on a classmate’s posting is worth 20% (total of 40%) of the grade for this item.  This is a graded assignment due by 11:59pm on Sunday, 4/9/17.

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Biology homework
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