Posted: October 27th, 2022

Benefits And Constraints Of A Technological Tool

 For this assignment you have to choose among the following technological tools such as internet, i-pad, applet, virtual manipulative.  As soon as you discuss the benefits and the constraints of the chosen tool, please present a practical application for the use of this tool in your classroom. Specify the subject, the topic of the subject, the technological tool that you will use, the purpose and the activities you will develop for its application. The minimum number of activities is two.  – Wordage: 2500 words- Don’t forget to provide at least 15 references to support your ideas.- Don’t forget to develop a plan and a table of contents for your essay.- Please consider the guidelines and the steps provided for writing an academic essay.

Use the APA referencing system throughout the analysis

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Benefits And Constraints Of A Technological Tool
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