Posted: November 25th, 2022

Australian Bushfire – Step 1

Research Topic : Australian Bushfire

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Australian Bushfire – Step 1
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● Step 1: Write an initial statement of your research topic without any citation. *Your intro paragraph’s 6 to 8 well developed sentences (avoid choppy baby sentences), must include not only the discussion of your research topic, and why you are interested in this topic, you must also include the specific problematic question(s) you want to explore through your research. At the end of your first paragraph, you must also include a transitional sentence that will lead smoothly into your 8-10 annotated bibliographies. Here’s an example of how your transitional sentence might similarly be worded: To find an answer to my problematic question(s) about …(fill in your topic)…, I made good use of our university library search engines, uncovered the following useful articles related to my topic, and formulated the following annotated bibliographies:

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10 January 2020

Everglades- Unseen Peril

A major problem runs deep within South Florida, much deeper than the surface-level coverage and attention it actually receives. At the heart of the problem is the Florida Everglades.

What was once an ineffably beautiful wetland, with an aura of life that satiated its seemingly endless expanse, is now only a disintegrating remnant of what it once was. This past century is a tiny fragment of the timeline representing the life of this ancient swamp; however, drastic changes in this short time period have turned out to be harmful to the Everglades. Its ecosystem is contending with issues ranging from poor water-level management, pollution, invasive plants and exotic wildlife, and the encroachment of cities further into its boundaries. Since the one commonality of these problematic issues are direct results of human action, rightfully, it should be our duty to save and restore the Everglades’ vital habitat before it becomes nothing more than a fleeting glimpse in the span of time.

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