Posted: February 11th, 2023

Assignment – Leadership

Min of 500 words. No plagiarism. Min of 2 referencesExperience is an excellent teacher in the subject of leadership. People learn what to do from trying something themselves and/or watching others. We may tend to base our understanding of leadership on the best experiences, those times when we lead well or watch as others lead well. This reflective assignment provides a way for you to write about your “personal best” leadership experience. Be sure to include these three items in your post:1. Describe the context of your best leadership situation/experience. Where/when did it take place?2. List 2-3 important actions or behaviors you took as a leader in this situation. In other words, what things did you do as a leader that made a difference in this situation?3. What words would you use to describe this experience? Describe your takeaways from the experience.

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Assignment – Leadership
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