Posted: October 27th, 2022

Assignment 9 (Find the Largest Number)

 The process of finding the maximum value (i.e., the largest of a group of values) is used frequently in computer applications. For example, an app that determines the winner of a sales contest would input the number of units sold by each salesperson. The sales person who sells the most units wins the contest. Write pseudocode, then a C# app that inputs a series of 10 integers, then determines and displays the largest integer. Your app should use at least the following three variables:

  1. Counter: A counter to count to 10 (i.e., to keep track of how many nimbers have been input and to determine when all 10 numbers have been processed)
  2. Number: The integer most recently input by the user.
  3. Largest: The largest number found so far.

Please submit as a zip file.

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Assignment 9 (Find the Largest Number)
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