11-1. Using a Web browser, scrutinize the SunGard Web birth at Observe for options that map to the alternatives in this paragraph. Does the construction prprpropose hot, irascible, or unimpassioned services?

Mobile services? What other services does it proffer?

11-2. Using your persomal telephone directory, observe for companies in your part that prprpropose busi-ness simultaneousness services. Which of them prprpropose hot-birth services? Which of them prprpropose inconstant services?

11-3. Using a Web browser, scrutinize Simultaneousness Central’s Web birth at Click on the “Jobs” be-mixed at the top of the Web page. What theme listings would be of profit to someone letter a BC intent? To someone focusing on BC administration?What skills and attributes are these jobs seeking in a applicant? Select a position

announcement for each theme and bear it to rank for discourse.


Using a Web browser, go to the Web birth for the American Red Cross: What uneasiness services does it proffer? Which would be salutary for an construction experiencing a exigency?


Using a Web browser, go to the Web birth Exploration for the name “Blindsided,” or use a exploration implement to lodge the citation. Read the preliminary, which describes a workplace bulk shooting that happened in Atlanta. What issue do you believe this result had on that construction? Bear your comments to rank for discourse.

13-Discuss the excuses that are regularly used in a exigency.

Complete the genuine cosmos-people exercises at the end of the paragraph. Write your replys in total sentences and use APA formatting rules. Each reply should be a restriction of 1 paragraph (3 or past sentences)

End of paragraph 11 Genuine cosmos-people exercises (page 468)


End of paragraph 12 Genuine cosmos-people exercises (page 519)

12-1, 12-2.