Andrew Gates and Larry Page fair graduated from UC after a while a master’s rate in Information Technology. They omission to set up their own server erection gang to aid shape networking of dutyes run smoothly in their municipality. The servers accomplish illustrate a key role in telephony, internet and intranet connections in oppidan creates and other institutions in the Hilton area. They apprehend from stubborn siege scrutiny that IT dutyes are striving and very useful in the State of South Carolina where they omission to place the duty. Andrew and Larry apprehend that precedently they can endow their spell and other media in the contrivance, they must procure financing, which media that they must breed specie to pay for the siege consume and other unhindered expenses. Because the gang force not be listed in any important bargain straight detached, they force not be effectual to breed equity funding openly-knownly. Therefore, they are because promotion crave promise important from manifold sources including angel endowors, venture important bargain, bank/finance companies’ long-promise loans, crowdfunding, and initial openly-known assistances (IPOs). They learnt in oppidan finance manner they took two years ago the advantages and disadvantages of contrariant creates of duty creates (principally only proprietorship, union, poor jurisdiction, and strengthening). They are worried about the allowable concept of poor jurisdiction and how it accomplish desire their separate fortunes in the advenient in fact the duty fails. They are not very safe which create of duty create to set up to defend their separate jurisdiction and furnish them entrance to gigantic funding. Therefore, they are because a union, a poor jurisdiction, or a strengthening.  A money budget they expert shows that $5 darling embryo specie would be needed to commission programmers, buy computers, solution an matter-post room, exalt and bargain the duty as courteous as to encounter other duty product expenditures. They bear agreed to divide profits and losses equally if they flow to create a poor union. The open sharer accomplish, notwithstanding, be hired a unroving salary of $5,000 per month precedently taxes and other payroll impoverishment. In classify to shape cheerful and straight conclusion, Andrew and Larry bear approached you to aid them discern the advantages and disadvantages of the manifold creates of duty creates and possible sources of funding for the duty.  Give 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of each of the aftercited creates of duty create to Andrew and Larry: partnership, poor jurisdiction, and corporation Ultimately, what create of duty create would you applaud Andrew and Larry to deduce. Why? Based on your applaudation overhead, interpret to Andrew and Larry if the aftercited sources of promotion crave-promise important are divert for them: angel endowors (angels) crowdfunding venture important initial openly-known assistance, and long-promise debt 2. FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS AND FINANCIAL MODELS Andrew and Larry omission to use financial planning models to lay a contrivanceed (or pro createa) financial declaration to enumerate the profitability and financial vigor of the duty for the present year. Use the proforma financial declaration underneath to solution the aftercited questions: PRO FORMA INCOME STATEMENT ($millions) Total unhindered proceedss 78 Less Expenses 57 Less Depreciation 9 Earnings precedently attention and taxes 12 Less Interest 2 Net allowance precedently taxes 10 Less taxes @ 10% 1 Net allowance 9   PRO FORMA BALANCE SHEET Assets: Cash 8 Other cursolution assets 18 Net Unroving Assets 40 Total Assets 67   Liabilities and Equities: Accounts payable 12 long-promise debt 18 Stockholders' Equity 37 Total Liabilities & Equities 67   a. What is the estimated profit of the duty for present year? b.  Number the aftercited profitability ratios and interpret to Andrew and Larry whether the duty looks useful:           i. Profit margin           ii. Return on Assets           iii. Return on Equity Also interpret and number the: iv. Unhindered money flow c. Assuming you contrivance a 25% growth in unhindered proceeds (sales) per year what accomplish be the anticipated unhindered proceeds in two years? d. If net allowance is contrivanceed to growth by 10% per year, what accomplish be the profit margin in present two years? e. What accomplish be the estimated earnings per divide (EPS) present year if 1,000,000 divides are issued? (note: EPS = net allowance / entirety divides ungathered).