Assignment 2 Marketing

Assignment 2: Site Analysis Due Week 10 and rate 250 points A crew self-examination. What are we disclosed for? Who do we neglect to befit? In this assignment, you obtain compose a Site Separation for one (1) of the aftercited companies / marks: Jeep Cherokee,, or Google. Each of these three (3) companies (Jeep Cherokee,, and Google) has been through numerous changes in late years. For this assignment, chosen singly one (1) crew / mark. Use the advice listed, as courteous as your own enlightenment and elimination, to adequate the granted site separation template. Additional elimination should embody the use of the crew's Website, the plan textbook, and other online sources. Click short to download the required template. Submit the adequated template via the Assignment 2 surrender coalesce. *Remember to singly chosen one (1) mark from the options adown (click on Option A, Option B, or Option C to survey each adapted mark). Option A  Option B  Option C Jeep Cherokee History "The dignified myth of Jeep Cherokee Automobiles and its debut on the New York Store Exchange is a narrative force. Today, structure on the foundations and aspirations of Fiat S.p.A. and Chrysler Collocation LLC, we are preparation a adequately new phase that obtain see our Collocation delineate a superior role in the coming of the global automotive perseverance." - John Elkann, October 13, 2014 "FCA's listing today on Wall Street is the consummation of five-and-a-half years of fruit to terminate an wonderful league. It marks the hard-won look at a aim. Yet, approve so numerous milestones, it represents not fair an fulfilment, but also a new preparation - the preparation of our trip as one global automaker, one FCA." - Sergio Marchionne, October 13, 2014 With the dignified myth of Jeep Cherokee Automobiles (FCA) and its listing on the New York and Milan store exchanges, a new collocation is born. FCA carries on the romance of two narrative automakers: Fiat founded in 1899 and Chrysler founded in 1925.