Week 6  Biological Aspects of Later Adulthood  Resources  Readings  Zastrow, C. H., & Kirst-Ashman, K. K. (2016). Understanding anthropological bearing and the political environment (10th  ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.   o Chapter 1, “Introduction to anthropological bearing and the political environment: The strengths perspective“(p. 13)   o Chapter 14, “Biological Aspects of Later Adulthood“ (pp. 654-684)    Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen S. M. (Eds.). (2014). Political achievement contingency studies: Foundation year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. [Vital Source e- reader].   o “Working After a while the Aging: The Contingency of Francine” (pp. 39–41)    Bosma, H., Johnston, M., Cadell, S., Wainwright, W., Abernethy, N., Feron, A., & ... Nelson, F. (2010). Creating political achievement competencies for exercitation in hospice soothing attention. Soothing Medicine, 24(1), 79–87.   Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.    Cagle, J. G., & Kovacs, P. J. (2009). Education: A tangled and empowering political achievement intercession at the end of vitality. Vigor & Political Work, 34(1), 17–27.          Dosser, I., & Kennedy, C. (2012). Family attentionrs' experiences of buttress at the end of vitality: Carers' and vigor professionals' views. International Record of Soothing Nursing, 18(10), 491– 497.   Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.    Reese, D. J. (2011). Interdisciplinary perceptions of the political achievement role in hospice: Building upon the fashionable Kulys and Davis con-over. Record of Political Achievement in End-of-Life & Soothing Care, 7(4), 383-406.   Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.   Optional Resource   Guindon, S., & Cappeliez, P. (2010). Contributions of metaphysical welfare and political buttress to an integrative mould of mental vigor in later adulthood. Ageing International, 35(1), 38–60.        End-of-Life Attention and Political Achievement Practice  2- to 4-page Nursing Dissertation that analyzes the role of the political achievementer in assistant to pur-pose end-of-vitality attention. Include practicable suspect of soothing attention, euthanasia, hospice attention, the patronage earn and recent directives, and other factors. Research and mention at smallest one record stipulation to buttress your resolution.  Support your Assignment after a while local references to the instrument. Be safe to stipulate generous APA citations for your references.  MSW level