Posted: November 23rd, 2022



1. Please adhere to directions on attachment

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3. No plagiarism, APA format

3. Only peer reviewed journal articles as references

4. Need within 8hrs or less

1.0 Discussion

Use the Harvard Business Case, “Clique Pens: The Writing Implements Division of U.S. Homes” as the basis for answering the following questions:

Can Clique Pens implement a price increase? If not, can Clique Pens deploy funds that allow us to gain market share by providing discounts directly to the consumer, but still allow the retailer to make acceptable profit?

Does advertising do nothing to help in this war?

One could argue that their customers should perceive a higher value benefit from lower price, but will they really?

Can value differences be discerned with the crazy pricing out there—one competitor with a three-pack for $2.56 versus Clique Pen’s two-pack at $1.78?

You must use your book as one reference

Clique Pens: The Writing Implements Division of U.S. Homes, 2013, Harvard

Business School, Cespedes, Frank & Kindley, James

Minimum 2 scholarly Articles References.

Minimum of 500 Words, APA Format

Your paper will be submitted to Turnitin software, No plagiarism.

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