Posted: October 27th, 2022


search for potential internship sites 

DHM 3991 Pre-Internship for Interior Design
Spring, 2021
Assignment 1: Internship Site Search
Due: February 5 (15 points)

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Do a search for potential internship sites using the internet, design magazines/trade journals,
design books, and the phone book. You are to develop a list of 15 different companies that are
viable possibilities for your internship this coming summer. The information you need to
determine and provide is as follows:

1. Name of firm
2. Location (address/phone number)
3. Website, if available

If you find this firm in a magazine, try to find their website on the internet.
4. Type of design in which they specialize
5. Where you found this information

Be exact about this; if in a magazine, which one, which issue, which page?
6. What interested you in this firm?

Again, be specific. Write at least a sentence for this point—bullet points are fine

Please submit a word-processed document in PDF format. Do not simply copy and paste. Format
the document properly. Include cover page with Name, Course name/number, semester,
Assignment number, and date.

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