Posted: January 24th, 2023

asian american studies

Please use double space, 12 pt font.

A Note on Citations

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asian american studies
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Be sure to reference the texts in your essays in MLA or Chicago format. Leave a works cited page; for this, it needn’t be formally written up. Simply say, at the end of the essay, the texts you’ve worked with.

Example: Works Cited. I used Wu’s essay on radical orientalism, Manalansan’s article on queer of color critique, and Shelly Wong’s poem.


ASA 2 Final Exam

3 Pairings (1-2 paragraphs each. Spend no more than 15 minutes per entry.)

Choose two of the terms below. Then, answer the following questions.

Citizenship, Colonialism, Diaspora, Family, Freedom, Gender, History, Imprisonment, Law, Migration, Model Minority, Neoliberalism, Racialization, Representation, Solidarity, The University.

How would you define each of these concepts, based on what we’ve discussed in lecture, section, and in the readings?

What impact has each of these concepts had on Asian Americans and other racialized communities?

Why did you pair these terms together; what relation do you believe they have to one another?


1 Expansion (2-3 pages. Spend no more than 2 hours.)

Choose one of the theories below.

Wu’s Radical Orientalism, Chuh’s Collegiality & Stretching Time, Chen’s Ethical Alienation, Ninh’s question “How do you feel?”, Fujiawara’s Multiplicity, Koshy’s Ethics of Tangentiality, Polanco’s Unfreedom.

How would you describe, in your own words, what this writer is trying to argue?

Draw upon 2-3 examples from our texts to better explain or apply this theory.

Discuss your own connection to this theory, and what it means to you in your own life.

Then, discuss how you might use such a theory moving forward. What usefulness does this theory have for your future? How might it help you to do the work you want to do in your life?

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