Posted: February 11th, 2023


ASHINGTON’S FAREWELL ADDRESS ANALYSIS INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, you will analyze the major points of George Washington’s “Farewell Address” and write a 3-page analysis, considering contemporary government and including differing points of view.Your analysis must adhere to the following specifications:• No more than 3 double-spaced pages (12-point font with 1-inch margins).WASHINGTON’S FAREWELL ADDRESS ANALYSIS GRADING RUBRICIntroductionThere is a clear thesis statement. The introduction provides a clear overview of the paper’s contents.ContentThe issues or themes raised in the introduction are properly treated. Differing viewpoints are considered, analyzed, and treated. The analysis is thorough.ConclusionThe conclusion offers a good summary of issues or themes treated in the paper. The conclusion offers suggestions for or encourages further study.Materials/SourcesAll quotes are used in context of sources.StructureThe transitions between paragraphs and sections are clear. Proper headings are used. The treatment of the topic is logically oriented.StyleThe paper follows the Course Style Guidelines document for formatting. The paper is without spelling and grammatical errors. The writing is cogent. The language is concise and precise.

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