Posted: October 27th, 2022

Article review African American history.

Select and article from a scholarly historical journal at  The article can treat any aspect of African American history from 1865 to the present.  Your review of the article you select should be 3-5 pages long.  Please use the attached guide to guide you through the review.  Be sure to spell- and grammar-check your work before submitting it.  Please use the basic structure below:

  1. Title:  Do not create a title.  The title of a scholarly review simply contains the author’s name, title of the article, publication information or URL.  For example:    A Review of Kossie-Chernyshev, Karen (2006) “Constructing Good Success: The Church of God in Christ and Social Uplift in East Texas, 1910-1935,” East Texas Historical Journal: Vol. 44 : Iss. 1 , Article 11. Available at:  
  2. First Paragraph:  Identify the author’s thesis, argument, controlling idea?
  3. Paragraphs 2-4:  Summarize the major points the author makes in the article.  
  4. Next Paragraph:  Discuss the author’s sources:  books, articles, archival material, maps, etc.  A good article should be based on a variety of sources.
  5. Last Paragraph:  Do not tell whether you liked the article.  Tell whether the author achieved his/her objective.

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