Posted: February 11th, 2023

arth102—–Reaction Papers

750 words.  Chicago style format. Reaction Papers about any subject, time period or artwork from the text. THE PAPER IS A REACTION PAPER THAT RELATES INCIDENTS IN YOUR LIFE TO THE CONTENT OF THE CHAPTER AND/OR EXPLORES THE MATERIAL IN MORE DEPTH THAN OUR TEXTBOOK.  USE ACADEMIC SORCES / NO WIKIPEDIA. ch 19 quiz notes Regarding the chapter opening image by Jan Van Eyck.  The only thing we know for sure about the couple is that they are wealthy…Jan Van Eyck was a contemporary of Robert Campin.*characteristic of the international gothic style in the 14th century is a microscopic detail rendering of natural objects. *Since formal apprenticeships were not available to women at this time, we see a limited number of female artists in this chapter.  However, illuminated manuscripts were often created by female artists.*Martin Schongauer was also a painter

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arth102—–Reaction Papers
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