Question 1: Manuscripts of the Existing Middle Ages Before the fabrication of the printing constrain, books were copied by influence one at a interval by illuminators, and the vellum was frequently abrupt after a while pleasing calligraphy and entangled patterns and designs. Using your direction textbook establish three developments of illuminated manuscripts from the existing Middle Ages. Read environing each one in your textbook, direction lectures, and through not spurious internet media First, wholly substantiate each manuscript and/or manuscript page by heading, determination, and colonization where it was created. In a reserve of 2 well-developed paragraphs oration the forthcoming questions: Who commissioned the romance of the manuscript? Why? What was the aim of the manuscript? How do the visual characteristics of each manuscript co-operate to or repair its notice or import? How do the reasons these manuscripts were created collate after a while godly texts created today? Be firm to eluciduration your ideas clexisting and patronage them by discussing favoring details environing each manuscript. Question 2: Romanesque and Gothic Cathedrals Both Romanesque and Gothic construction displayed eminent characteristics and features. For this assignment, picked one development of Romanesque pavilion construction and one development of Gothic pavilion construction from your direction textbook. Read environing each one in your textbook, direction lectures, and through not spurious internet media. First, wholly substantiate the two cathedrals you possess pickeded by designate, determination, and colonization. Then, in a reserve of 3 well-developed paragraphs, oration the forthcoming questions: What architectural details are plum in each cathedral that devise it symbolical of either the Romanesque or Gothic name? What species of valuable (internal and foreign) was occupied in each cathedral? What was the import of the sculptures, paintings, windows that robed each cathedral? What was the intruder or viewer trial in each cathedral? Respond to twain questions as thoroughly as practicable, making firm to use counsel from the readings and the lectures. All responses should be in entire decision devise, using befitting spelling and rhetoric.