Posted: January 24th, 2023

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Assignment

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Argumentative Essay
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Life skills courses should be required as a part of high school curriculum.

Write a four (4) page argumentative essay using the guidelines provided in this week’s content. Be sure to cite your sources using MLA formatting. Provide at least four (4) sources to support your position.

Argumentative Essay Outline Sample

I. Introduction

A. Hook – This is the power statement that gets the reader’s attention and gets the reader interested in your topic.

B. Thesis Statement – includes your stance/position on the topic and your reasons (should be at least two reasons that you can support with evidence).

II. Body Paragraph 1 – Reason #1

A. Rationale – what you believe and why

B. Evidence (support) – include sources

III. Body Paragraph 2 – Reason #2

A. Rationale – what you believe and why
B. Evidence (support) – include sources

IV. Body Paragraph 3 – Opposing view

A. Rationale – What is the opposing view to your opinion and why do others feel that way?

B. Evidence (support) – include sources that support this opinion

V. Conclusion – Summary

A. Summarize why your position is right based on the evidence.

B. Make a statement as to how your position is justified despite the opposing views.

C. Restate your stance without just copying your thesis statement word for word.

NOTE: You may have more than 3 body paragraphs. This is just a basic outline example. You need to be sure you are meeting the minimum requirements for the essay.

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