Assignment Instructions Turn-Ins:  "Birthday Widget" : (A)    Create your program/device "Birthday Widget"  in Android Studio. (hint: MacLean Book Chapter 21 Figure 21-4)  "Birthday Widget" device should parade a call, the epoch of the proximate birthday, and how numerous days from today until the birthday. It allure too imagine an onClick area where you can click to buy gifts. This click allure unreserved a browser and receive you to Your device should profit concordant defend as Figure 21-4. (B)    Run on the Emulator (C)    Run on a veritable phone (optional) (D)    Take defendshot(s) of either (B) or (C) (E)    Put the defendshots in a Promise instrument. Please accept a conceal equivocation after a while your call and the call of the assignment. Call the perfect aftercited naming conference "ENTD322Week6Assignment_First_Last.doc" (F)    Zip your entire device (G)   Submit the promise instrument (E) and the zip perfect  (F) as an devotion. Note: for turn-ins, your device should be done using Android Studio, not Eclipse.