Posted: October 27th, 2022


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Group Organization and Project Planning

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Group Organization and Project Planning

One of the group members I will discuss is an undergraduate student in his elementary school; he skipped one year because of its excellence. In his middle class, he repeated a year because of hospitalized treatment for an illness, and when he entered college up to now. He has worked in a paid casual work as customer service in a certain company. Some of the skills that he has are; time management, he knows how to manage his time, well-developed self-care skills, money management, and seeking assistance when he needs to. His personality is that he has the commitment, openness, curiosity, and leadership. Since he has good time management, he does his course work on time. The individual that will be the group leader is the one I have discussed above since he has good leadership skills. The reason for assigning the roles is that, for example, the facilitator will help the group members do the intellectual work of exchanging ideas. The other record keeper will help organize the work and keep records. The two have been assigned the work since they are patient and advanced preparation.

Our charter includes; Purpose; This team has been formed to complete the hospital’s performance improvement activities. Our overall goal is to help the physicians improve their practice using evidence-based analysis and intervention strategies. The value for the activities is that they will help the hospital to manage whatever outcomes are important to the hospital. Some of the ground rules are that the team intends to develop personal relationships to improve open communication and trust. Another rule is that we treat each other with respect; every team member must work closely together and make every effort to support one another. Active corporation from every team member is important for the team’s success. To solve some of the problems that we will encounter, we will be defining the problem, then generate ideas, select and evaluate alternatives and then implement solutions. We will document on the computer; we will document after we have finished the meetings, and the person responsible for documentation is the team leader.

Performance Improvement Plan

Project timeline; the project will take three months.

Activities; Measuring physicians’ performance, assessing their practice using selected performance measures, and implementing interventions to enhance performance.

Completion plan; Activities completed; measuring physician’s performance and assessing their practice.

Activities not completed; implementing interventions to enhance performance. This activity should be completed in three weeks.

The project management tool that we will use to create the plan is Pert Chart (CAROL M. KOPP, 2020). This tool presents a graphical representation of a timeline of a project.


CAROL M. KOPP. (2020, October 27). Learn about program evaluation review technique — PERT charts. Retrieved from

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