Posted: February 11th, 2023

answer the religion questions

Answer ONE of the following Discussion Questions. After submitting your answer respond to the answers of at least one of the other students. This homework assignment is worth 10 points.After watching the videos on Hare Krishnas and reading about them online and in your text, what are your reflections? Compare and contrast them to Hindus. Explain in detail how they are similar and how they are different. (Make sure to address the videos and online lessons specifically).Or, describe several elements of Yoga Philosophy from your lessons. Discuss the history, Yoga Sutras, 5 paths, 8 limbs, modern styles as well as any video links you viewed in this section. Do NOT just list these, but explain these elements in essay form and give your own reflections on Yoga after reading this section.Or, read the first hand experiences of Hare Krishnas and Yoga in India in these travelogues: Dancing with the Hare Krishnas and Yoga on the Roof of the World. Also view the Online India Photo Album. Discuss in detail what you read/saw. Give your reflections on both the journals as well as the photos and explain thoroughly how they relate to the course material you learned in this section.Note: This is a post first discussion topic. You will not be able to read another student’s post until you’ve posted your response. You will respond to the answers of at least one of the other students.

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answer the religion questions
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