Posted: October 27th, 2022

Ann Harris

Trauma and Abuse

For the first part of this discussion, address the following:

  • Share a case that involved a client who reported sexual abuse (past or current); domestic violence; or abuse of a child, elder, or dependent adult. Remove the client’s name and all identifying information. Use a pseudonym when referring to the client. If you have not worked with a client who has experienced or reported abuse, create a brief hypothetical case.
  • Explain how you considered the ethical and legal aspects of this case, including any reporting mandates for abuse in your state as well as the protocols for mandatory reporting at your site.
  • Drawing from the current professional literature, include at least one article that describes counseling approaches that have been found effective in working with clients who have suffered abuse.
  • Discuss one of the specific interventions you used with this client. Was it effective? Describe what you observed that let you know whether the intervention was effective or not.

The client is a 12 year old African American male. Client reported to the counselor during an assessment hat his father and mother separated when he was 6 years old and that his mother got in a relationship with another man who is a drug addict. The client reported that his mother new boyfriend molested him while she was at work at night. The client said he reported the incident to his mother about her boyfriend’s behavior but was whipped and told that he is liar. The client reported that seeing the boyfriend in the house makes him afraid and that h has been having sleepless nights ever since the incident took place.

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Ann Harris
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