Posted: October 27th, 2022

analyze walt disney documentary part 2

Analyze Walt Disney documentary , Part 2, applying the Principles of Porter’s “Five Forces that shape “Strategy

In Part 2 of the American Experience documentary we learn Walt Disney uniquely adept at art as well as commerce, a master filmmaker who harnessed the power of technology and storytelling. This  two-part, four-hour film examines Disney’s complex life and enduring legacy, featuring rare archival footage from the Disney vaults, scenes from some of his greatest films, and interviews with biographers, animators and artists who worked on early films, including Snow White, and the designers who helped turn his dream of Disneyland into reality.

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analyze walt disney documentary part 2
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Many salute Walt Disney as a master strategist. After reviewing the Part 2 of the documentary, please apply the Porter’s “Five Forces that shape Strategy” to Disney’s efforts, including:

#1 Rivalry among existing competitors

#2 Threat of New Entrants

#3 Bargaining power of Suppliers

#4 Bargaining power of Buyers

#5 Threat of substitute products or services

Be specific as you deconstruct EACH of these 5# forces – cite quotes and scenes from the documentary….this is NOT a research paper – study the documentary. Period.

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