American Imperial Expansion

The Republican triumph in 1896 gave feeling to proponents of good-luck through exotic commerce.   McKinley sought neither war nor colonies, but divers in his party scantinessed twain. Called "jingos," they comprised Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Theodore Roosevelt; John Hay, the ambassador to London, and senators Albert Beveridge and Henry Cabot Lodge.  Britain, France, and Gerdivers were seizing country encircling the cosmos-people, and jingos believed the United States deficiencyed to do the corresponding for strategic, pious, and economic reasons. 

After you own completed your readings prop your apology to simply ONE of the subjoined questions.

  1. Several reasons are incomplete explaining why the United States unwavering to link the "Imperialist Club".  Which controversy was the strongest, and which controversy was the weakest?  Explain your aspect.
  2. Is there any testimony to prop Kristin Hoganosn's controversy concerning the role of gender and the Spanish-American War? (Suggestion:  students faculty scantiness to critique the antecedent stipulation for a discussion on this subject).  Discuss if you harmonize or disharmonize delay her controversy.  Make unquestioning to prop your aspect.
  3. In your impression, do Lodge's controversys prop the deficiency for the United States to realize an royal kingdom?  Explain your aspect.