Posted: January 24th, 2023

American History assignment.

American history assignment. It’s due by today before 7pm. need to find a fast and good work writer.

Answer both part I and part II.

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American History assignment.
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PT I: Identification (50 points)

Identify five of these nine subjects. In your answer, explain who or what they

were, why they were historically significant, and locate them in time. Please


answer five.

– John Locke ? Two Treatises on Government

– The Stamp Act

– Henry VIII & the Reformation in England

– Gender in Iroquois society before the coming of Europeans

– The Trans-Atlantic slave trade

– Christopher Columbus & the Columbian Exchange

– The Seven Years War (French & Indian War)

– Indians and Colonists: differences in land use

-The fur trade

PT II: Essay (50 points)

Write an essay on the following question. Be as complete as possible, and as

clearly organized as possible in the essay.

-(1) Virginia (with Jamestown the first town in the colony), (2) Puritan

Massachusetts, and (3) Pennsylvania were three English colonies established on

the East Coast of North America. Although all three settlements were English,

each one was distinct. Write an essay describing these three colonies. Be as

specific as possible, giving in-depth information about each, such as when and

why each was founded. Which individuals were involved? What were the people,

culture, and economy like in each?

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