Posted: January 20th, 2023

action plan help due Sunday by midnight

JGR100 Finding Your Leadership Purpose

Personal Development Game Plan

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action plan help due Sunday by midnight
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Strayer University



“Live consistently according to your moral values. People will respect you for it.”

– Coach Gibbs

Instructions: Establishing clear values is important when deciding how to live and lead effectively. Using your responses from Assignment 1, identify your top three (3) values and explain why they are important to you.
1. List your top three (3) values:

Value 1:
Value 2:
Value 3:

1. Using 50-100 words, explain why each value is important to you.

Value 1 is important to me because…

Value 2 is important to me because…

Value 3 is important to me because…


“If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing…You ought to find another career—something that cranks your motor, something you can pour your life into and enjoy it.”

-Coach Gibbs

Instructions: Your passion is the fuel or energy that keeps you going and keeps you filled with meaning, happiness, and excitement, as you pursue your goals in life. Complete the table by identifying five (5) things that you are passionate about, along with a brief description of each passion. Include 1-2 careers that you feel are in alignment with each passion you list.



Career Match

Ex: Mentoring kids in my neighborhood.

This provides happiness and fulfillment for me because I know that I am using my personal experience to make a positive influence on the youth around me. By mentoring the youth, I hope that I am creating a positive impact on our future, as a whole.

Teacher or Social Worker






Strengths and Personality

“The key is to find out where our people’s gifts, talents, and abilities lie and then help them use their gifts for the common good.”

-Coach Gibbs

Instructions: Joe Gibbs has a talent for identifying his athlete’s and employee’s strengths and personalities and setting them up for success. He knows that understanding your personality can tell you a lot about how you work with other people and the situations where you excel.. Complete the table below using your personality results from the DiSC report in Assignment 2.

DiSC STYLE: ___________(insert style here ex: D, i, S, SC, etc.)

DiSC Profile Results




Strengths in Delegating

Challenges in Delegating

Based on your results in the “Challenges in Delegating” section of your DiSC report, choose one of your challenges and describe how you might work to improve this over time. Using approximately 100 words, explain your response in the space below.

Leadership Style

“One of the first secrets to successful leadership is to learn all you can from your mentors…but develop a leadership style that works for you. Be yourself!”

-Coach Gibbs

Instructions: Understanding your leadership style can help you pinpoint the leadership techniques that come naturally to you and also the ones you need to work on to achieve your leadership goals. Describe your top two (2) preferred leadership styles and explain how they are both related to your personality and strengths. (Use your responses from Assignment #3 to complete this portion of the Game Plan.)

Leadership Style #1: Type style here

Description of style (50-100 words):

Explanation of how my style aligns to my strengths and personality (100 words):

Leadership Style #2: Type style here

Description of style (50-100 words):

Explanation of how my style aligns to my strengths and personality (100 words):

Purpose Statement

“So, what will your life look like when it is full of purpose and on target?”
– Coach Gibbs

Instructions: In Week 2, you created a draft of your Personal Purpose Statement based on what you learned about what it means to have a purpose in life. Revise this original purpose statement using any additional insights that you have gained from this course.
Once you’ve collected and analyzed all of your personal data and experiences, write your “final” Purpose Statement in the first space below. Your Purpose Statement should be 1-2 sentences.

My Purpose Statement

Using approximately 100 words, explain why you feel this is your purpose:

Congratulations! You have your purpose statement!
Now that you’ve identified your purpose, you’re ready to tackle your personal and professional life with focus and a vision for success! It’s time to establish your goals and create an action plan for your future!

Goals and Action Plan

“You must define your goals. You must also regularly evaluate your goals and be willing to revise them when necessary.”

-Coach Gibbs

Instructions: Goal setting is crucial because it helps keep you focused and motivated, giving you a sense of control over your career, your life, etc. Complete the Action Plan below. Use the
Sample Action Plan
as a guide to help you develop your Action Plan. Use the career SMART goal from your Journal #2 for this Action Plan.

Action Plan


(Write your new purpose statement here.)


(Write your career SMART goal here.)

Milestone 1

(Identify a milestone (short-term goal) that you plan to accomplish along the way to achieving your SMART goal.)

Identify the barriers to achieving your SMART goal

(Identify any possible/anticipated barriers that might throw you off track. Consider how your personality and strengths can help you here.)

Identify 1-2 Strategies to deal with barriers

(Note: Consider how your personality and strengths can help you here.)

Identify people who will be impacted and/or affected by your SMART goal

(Identify the person/people that may be impacted by this goal.)

Identify a deadline

(Identify the deadline you’ve set for yourself to complete the goal!)

Summary: Putting Your Purpose Into Practice
Using approximately 250 words, describe three (3) main takeaways (key facts, points, or ideas) from this course. How will you apply these takeaways to your personal and/or professional life in the future? Record your response in the space provided below.

Congratulations! Completing this game plan is a major milestone on your educational journey! You shouldn’t think of this as just another assignment. Instead, this game plan is something you should hold onto and be ready to put to use as you move forward with Joe Gibbs and his team. You’re well on your way to achieving your goals and your purpose.

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