Posted: October 27th, 2022

Absolutely Zero PLAGIARISM


Your Practicum and Skills Development

As you enter the last half of your practicum immersion experience, you should begin to see the development of your skills as a public health professional. You have spent the last several weeks gaining real-world experience in the field with your mentor and other agency officials to build, tailor, and sharpen your skills as a public health professional and leader. Reviewing the course competencies in the syllabus, begin thinking about the skills you have strengthened and which skills you could improve upon based on these program outcomes.

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  • Of the six competencies, in which two do you think you have developed the most knowledge and experience? Cite specific examples in your practicum experience that demonstrate this skill development.
  • In which two of these six competencies do you see room for improvement, and why? Are there opportunities in the last few weeks of your practicum to begin working on these competencies? What are some examples of such opportunities?
  • Are there any competencies that you have enhanced through your practicum experience that are not listed for the practicum?

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