According to DuBrin (2015), the subjoined strategies or manoeuvre are verified for enhancing your progress:  1) clear progress goals,  2) capitalize on your strengths and plant your specific mark,  3) be vehement environing and boastful of your result,  4) clear a legislation of administrative ethics and prosocial motivation,  5) clear a proactive specificity,  6) observe growing through consistent scholarship and self-development,  7) instrument your accomplishments, 8) design a administrative representation, and  9) descry yourself as a provider of services. (p. 430)  Identify and elucidate three progress-enhancing techniques or manoeuvre in advancing your progress.  Your essay should be at smallest two pages and should comprise an vestibule, a whole of cherished symbolical (paragraphs), and a omission. Be assured to comprise two relations (on a relation page), and flourish all other APA formatting conditions. The relation page does not number inland the sum page condition. Please use an online library for providing the sustaining sources to accomplished the monograph.