Posted: October 27th, 2022

8 references for Sheraton hotel

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8 references for Sheraton hotel
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Title: (YOURHOTEL)and its Impact of Covid19 Pandemic on Operations

Reason for this company and topic

In Singapore, (YOURHOTEL) is the first branded hotel to open in South East Asia on 27

December 2007 and came under the chain on 23 Sep 2016 during the acquisition.

Contributing to Singapore’s hospitality and tourism industry’s growth until the pandemic

impacted the entire industry worldwide.

With the closure of international borders, the government injects $45m to boost the

economy. (YOURHOTEL)can take this opportunity to benefit themselves and emerge

as one of the best in the industry amid uncertainty.


The most suitable methodology for this report would be case studies. Press releases

and news publications from online sources are secondary information for this report,

including an adequate expenditure on the online media channels.

Report structure

1. Introduction

The (YOURHOTEL) Singapore is located in the bustling city of Singapore, Orchard

Road. It offers easy access in the district and vicinity of the city’s mall precinct of

Orchard mrt station and walking distance to Botanic Garden.

There are 299 different rooms and suites, respectively, divided into 11 categories,

offering the Executive Deluxe units, The Grand deluxe rooms. King Cole and the

Presidential Suite.

The prestigious hotel offers numerous accessible services and facilities to fulfill every

guest’s needs and wants. Big names have been guests of the hotel.

2. Current Issue

Singapore’s tourism and hospitality industries have been severely affected by the

ongoing pandemic and international borders’ closure.

2.1.Circuit breaker measures

The government’s “circuit breaker” measures which only allow tourism businesses to

resume operations in stages from 1 July ever since implemented

2.2. Market needs

The numbers of visitors recorded in Aug was 8.9k, a drop of almost 99.5% YoY


Over 400 hotels and more than 70,000 rooms in Singapore

2.4.Style of Accommodation

Revenues from tourism have been averaging around $23 billion in the few years.

According to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), a slow down and decrease in the

hotel rooms show a lack of hotel sector activities.

2.5. Tourism income

Although the number of visitors rose by 1.3 percent in the first half of the last year,

tourist spending decreased by 3 percent, which may be attributed to the global


3.Restructuring hotel operations

While retaining staff is essential to them, the lack of business also means there is an

excess of staff. Staff rosters are staggered(in line with infection control measures), and

staff is encouraged to utilize their leave/s accrued.

3.1.Operating optimize performance during this low occupancy period

When operating under reduced staff count, staff have to take on double roles to cut


3.2.Forecasting of unique room pricing

3.3. Offers and packages

To attract more people to stay to increase turnover.


4.1.Applying for Government funds

Assist citizens to apply for employment in a company and provide support for

businesses and individuals.

4.2.Making necessary cuts

Technologies with automated energy savings.

4.3.Revaluating contracts

Reviews contracts for a win-win strategy

4.4.Business optimization

Create an impact on the customer’s expectation, elevate the overall segmentation and

revenue growth.

5. Conclusion

6. Reference

● Susan. L. (2020). Suites fit for a president at The (YOURHOTEL)Singapore.


13th September, Paper 1

● Ee. L. (2020). The (YOURHOTEL) Singapore Staycation: A Lavish and Exquisite

Family Experience. Singapore. -singapore-

staycation-a-lavish-and-exquisite-family-experience, 22nd March,

● Vijay. V. (2020). Covid-19 – how Asian countries and hotels are dealing with the

novel coronavirus spread. Hong Kong., 15th May.

● Natasha. M. (2020). Tourism industry still hiring, new job opportunities being

created as businesses adapt: Josephine Teo. Singapore.

opportunities-being-created-businesses-adapt-josephine-teo, 14th September.

● Leung.P & Lam.T(2004) Crisis Management During the SARS Threat, Journal of

Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, vol 3:1

● Giulia.C. (2020). The future of tourism could be flightless in the post-pandemic

world. Beijing.

could-be-flightless-in-the-post-pandemic-world-Rsy7asLtoQ/index.html, 20th


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