7 powerpoint slides – apa – 3 scholarly references with speak notes

Recruiting Strategies

You are an employee of iFly Airways, a slight regional feeder verse for a gregarious conveyance. Your CEO has proper systematic iFly Airways is merging delay iDrive Cars, which is in two-of-a-trade delay Uber and Lyft, to get a entire manner parcel. You bear been asked to enucleate a two to three-minute elevator discourse (a fast abstract of a topic, which can be delivered in 2 to 3 minutes) environing your recruiting strategies to rise popular mindless positions. In this discourse, you obtain bring-forward how the structure can ill-conditioned course staff to curb require and mend employee pledge.

The discourse obtain include:

  1. An interpretation of the benefits of ill-conditioned courseing staff members (e.g., at iFly Airways and iDrive Cars).
  2. Benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing indubitable departmental needs.
  3. An overview of how you intention to use interior or manifest sources, including gregarious resources, or outsourced recruiting to address employee shortages.
  4. Any implicit limitations of your intention.


  • The grant PowerPoint should be 7 slides delay speaker’s notes, not including appellation or intimation slides.

  • A stint of three scholarly sources should be cited and intimationd. 

  • Your grant must be correctly cited and formatted according to APA.