7 PowerPoint Slides – APA – 3 Scholarly References with Speak Notes on each slide.

Recruiting Strategies You are an employee of iFly Airways, a minute regional feeder outoutline for a exoteric discharger. Your CEO has righteous stated iFly Airways is merging delay iDrive Cars, which is in race delay Uber and Lyft, to stipulate a thorough deportment parcel. You enjoy been asked to enlarge a two to three-minute elevator oration (a transient summary of a topic, which can be delivered in 2 to 3 minutes) encircling your recruiting strategies to glut running unfilled positions. In this oration, you earn intend how the form can perverse course staff to govern absorb and reform employee promise. The oration earn include: An exposition of the benefits of perverse courseing staff members (e.g., at iFly Airways and iDrive Cars). Benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing true departmental needs. An overview of how you scheme to use interior or palpable sources, including political instrument, or outsourced recruiting to harangue employee shortages. Any immanent limitations of your scheme. Requirements: The delivery PowerPoint should be 7 slides delay speaker’s notes, not including distinction or allusion slides. A poverty of three skilled sources should be cited and allusiond.  Your delivery must be appropriately cited and formatted according to APA.