Posted: January 24th, 2023

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REPLYTO POST WITH 2 PARAGRAPHS AND 2 SOURCES explaining how the leadership skills they described may impact your organization or your personal leadership, or by identifying challenges you see in applying the skills described.

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53/4 Dis R2
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The leadership in an organization makes a difference in how positive the work environment is for staff, and there are multiple strategies for leaders to use in order to promote this positive environment. By creating this positive environment, staff is more likely to stay with an organization and to be happier with their jobs. In this discussion, I identify two insights that I had while reading articles about leadership behaviors and practices, then describe a leader I know that has had these approaches.

The first insight I had was while reading an article written by Shirazi et al. (2016). In this article, it was shown that having charge nurses attend interactive workshops improved their leadership performance improving job satisfaction among staff as well as improving the relationship between charge nurses and the rest of the staff (Shirazi et al., 2016). I have seen this leadership strategy used on the unit that I currently work. Charge nurses are required to attend an annual training seminar in order to keep their charge nurse status. I think this strategy must work as many of the charge nurses on the unit feel confident and interact with other staff in a positive and respectful manner.

The second insight I had was while reading the article by Araujo and Figueiredo (2019). In the article their study concluded that a couple things that create a positive work environment are camaraderie and training and development (Araujo, & Figueiredo, 2019). Where I work we are required every year to attend a professional development day with other nurses on the unit. During this day, colleagues share any research that they conducted over the last year and topics related to patient care are discussed. Having these days is a great way for us all to bond with one another and to be trained on any new policies or procedures.

In conclusion, there are many strategies that can work to create a positive work environment, and the ones I have listed are only a couple that can be used. They seem to work on the unit I work for, but it’s possible that they wouldn’t work for every unit. Regardless of what works for one unit over another, it is important for administrative evidence based practices are used by leadership (Duggan et al., 2015).


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