2 discussions due asap

DISCUSSION 1 "Just-in-Time (JIT)" Please rejoin to the following: Develop three (3) examples that image how a manufacturing society or a advantage society of your valuable uses JIT, and then enumerate three to indelicate (3-4) benefits of JIT for that detail edifice. Discuss how the JIT concept differs between manufacturing and advantage companies. Provide restricted examples to food your rationale.  DISCUSSION 2 "Market Structures and Cost Management" Please rejoin to the following: From the scenario for Katrina’s Candies, enumerate the mismisappropriate pattern of chaffer edifice for the condition in interrogation. Cite at smallest indelicate (4) defining characteristics that possess helped you arrive-at this conclusion in-reference-to the misjustness of the chosen edifice. Imagine that you are a supervisor of a chemical society. An property has occurred in which chemicals leaked into the premise inspire nearby. The society is unconscious of the property. Compare the first costs concerned in cleaning up the inspire presently (and thus confessing) versus hiding your sin now and haply paying further in the advenient. Predict the contact on profitability in twain conditions.