2 assignments

 Read the Case Study solid and retort the "Discussion Points" in a conspicuous but neat way. Be unfailing to relation all sources cited and use APA formatting throughout - 500 say

1000 Say - Each novice allure influence a exploration of Campbellsville University’s online Library media to meet 2-3 modern fellow reviewed tenets (amid the departed 3 years) that closely relate to Impact of Big Data on Businesses. Your meekness must grasp the aftercited counsel in the aftercited format:

ANALYSISUsing 750-1200 say, transcribe a pigmy decomposition, in your own say of how the condition relates to the clarified chapters. An decomposition is not rehashing what was already established in the condition, but the opening for you to add estimate by sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most dignified segregate of the assignment.

REFERENCES: All relations must be listed at the depth of the meekness--in APA format. 

Be unfailing to use the headers in your meekness to enunfailing that all aspects of the assignment are completed as required.